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Our Neighborhood

Each day begins for the Balinese with an offering to the gods. As an increasingly sophisticated and modern culture emerges in Seminyak, it remains at heart a village. The wide surf beach plays an integral role in both the tourism culture and local life, while temples, ceremonies and local traditions highlight the Balinese character. Step outside to discover world-class restaurants, vibrant cafes, fabulous spas, designer shops, intimate bars and fabulous nightlife.Wake up each morning to the gentle sound of birdsong, open the curtains to allow the soft dappled light to gently welcome the day. Enjoy a swim in your private pool, head out for an early beach walk, or draw the curtains and enjoy long, luxurious mornings with breakfast in bed. Wifi connections mean that you can choose to stay connected or put out your ‘peace please’ sign and keep the world at bay. The Elysian allows you the flexibility to do it your way.

Seminyak Square

Our Neighborhood

Royal Palace

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