The Resort

Described as a village of villas, at the heart of The Elysian are the social spaces. From here, garden pathways lead to each of the villas, surrounded by stone walls, the villas are separated by abundant tropical gardens. At the heart of the resort is the reception area, leading to the spa, a verandah and a library space which doubles as a meeting room. On the level below the sparkling 25-metre pool is lined with large, spacious cabanas, the perfect spot to enjoy some sun, or relax with a book. Along the other side is the resort signature Rush Bamboo restaurant, where breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and theme nights are held alongside the bar.

Inspired by a Alfred Lord Tennyson poem, ‘The Lotus Eaters” lotus ponds, carved stone reliefs and waterfalls are scattered throughout the resort. Combining generous Balinese hospitality and traditions, the Elysian combines contemporary design with the timeless allure of Bali.